How many can you get right?
How many can you get right?

This ought to be F*U*N. Let's see who can guess the correct answers. I've mixed it up so everyone feels like they have a good chance of scoring 100%.

Let's Get Started...................
1) Selling over 4 million copies, which band sang "Le Freak"?
Earth Wind & Fire
K.C. and the Sunshine Band
The Bee Gees
2) In the movie HALLOWEEN, who did Laurie have a poster of on her wall?
Paul McCartney
Mick Jagger
James Ensor
James Dean

3) Who was TIME magazine's 1978 "Man of the Year"?
Deng Hsiao-Peng
Anwar Sadat
President Jimmy Carter
4) Who was The Imperial Sound of Auburndale's Drum Major in 1978?
Stephanie Hamric
Mary Tanner
Cindy Myers
Debra Sutton

5) Which 1978 chart topper does this lyric come from? "You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal"?
In the Navy
Night Fever
Werewolves of London
6) Who won the 1978 Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont)?
Philly Cheese
King Tut

7) What female vocalist had a TOP 10 hit with 'Lotta Love'?
Anne Murray
Linda Ronstadt
Nicolette Larson
Tina Turner
8) Who was named the AHS Class of 1978 "Most Athletic Male" in our Senior Superlatives?
Calvin Davis
Randy Spears
Archie Brown
Bruce Clay

9) Where was the first test tube baby born on July 25, 1978?
United Kingdom
United States
10) Which of the following TV Series did not start in 1978?
Mork and Mindy
Diff'rent Strokes
WKRP in Cincinnati

11) Which cartoon cat made his first appearance in 1978?
Top Cat
Puss in Boots
12) Who was the EDITOR of the 1978 AHS Yearbook?
Kim Farmer
Sabrina Cunz
Karen Hatcher
Debi Nobrega?